Customer Loyalty Programs for Businesses

The smartphone and mobile technology revolution rapidly evolved and became more a part of modern culture. This is a huge opportunity for businesses, and with the right solutions they can influence customer purchase habits and get to know their prospective buyers better. Customer loyalty marketing platforms are one of these tools. These platforms allow businesses to get an edge over their competition, reach customers, and influence their behaviour by providing an incentive to maintain the relationship. Here are some important things you should know about loyalty programs and loyalty software platforms.

What Are Customer Loyalty Programs?

Customer loyalty platforms refer to any computer or web-based tool that tracks and strengthens customer value after they make a purchase. These platforms typically include engagement software, advocate marketing software, customer loyalty rewards programs, and gamification. Generally speaking, when someone considers customer loyalty, they often think about point-based systems where customers gain credit for each purchase, whether online or in-person. This credit acts like another form of currency that they can use to buy more products from that retailer, or it can be redeemed for special offers and additional discounts. While this may be a more traditional method a lot of retailer use, there are many other ways a business can incorporate a customer loyalty platform into their marketing.

Features of Kangaroo Rewards' Customer Loyalty Marketing Platform

With Kangaroo Rewards, businesses can set up a reputable and effective customer loyalty marketing platform that brings forth full customer insight. Some of the features include full management of customer data and behavioural information, detailed transaction history, social media data, multiple account hierarchy, merging accounts, multiple ID support, member preferences management, comprehensive support of customer enrollment, and several other benefits.

Mobile apps can be integrated into the rewards program as well! When a customer signs up, they can benefit from the following features:

● Easily and quickly enroll in the loyalty program
● Use the virtual card as program identifier
● Sign up for mobile offers and discounts available exclusively through the app
● Browse current rewards
● Get directions to the nearest store
● Find exclusive local deals from program partners
● Allow app access to smartphone cameras and GPS to view geo-targeted offers from nearby businesses
● Manage the program account and check balance
● View transaction history
● Refer friends and earn points for doing so


The platform enables businesses to attract customers to their stores, restaurants, gyms, etc., by enticing them with tailored offers and promotions. It can present detailed information about products to the customers through their smartphones. It also pushes tailored promotions based on the location of customers. Customer loyalty marketing platforms can also send customer greetings, notifications, discounts, and bonuses just for visiting the store, even without prior purchase information from the customer.

Additionally, our customer loyalty rewards platform is fully functional on mobile technology, and it includes gamification. Gamification can strengthen customer engagement and loyalty by posing challenges in return for specific benefits. Businesses can earn new satisfied customers and get excited about their engagement with the program.

How Can It Help Your Business?

If you have yet to set up your loyalty platform and reap the benefits of this solution, you can start today. Kangaroo Rewards provides businesses with an easy and effective platform where they can engage and retain customers with minimum effort and cost. The process is simple:

● Register your business on Kangaroo
● Personalize it to match your brand identity
● Start enrolling existing clients and attracting new ones
● Choose to reward your customers by “Visit” or by “Spend”
● Avoid slowing down the line using the QuickScan feature
● Add your business on the home screen of your customers smartphones
● Target customers with relevant offers that matter to them
● Opt for the white label loyalty program and put your brand front and center


Our Customer Loyalty Platform Plans

If you want to leverage your growing customer base, and constant interaction with your mobile app and products, get set up with any of our platform plans.

Our various packages include all the foundational tools you need to get your program off the ground: a digital loyalty program, unlimited members, reports and insights, social media integration, automated marketing, unlimited campaigns, unlimited offers, a customer mobile app, digital gift cards, and a raffle module.

Kangaroo also offers an open API that allows you to extend and connect your other systems to your loyalty program and vice versa.

Build Customer Loyalty with Kangaroo's Customer Loyalty Marketing Platform

If you’re looking to launch a customer rewards program to inspire loyalty and satisfy customers, check out Kangaroo Rewards’ loyalty platform. Our platform can help you attract, engage, and retain customers in an automated way, with minimal effort and at an affordable cost. When you start leveraging your own customer database, you’ll be amazed at the results. Kangaroo Rewards helps you engage your customers and foster better customer experiences. Contact us today to request a live demo and learn more about how we can help you launch your customer loyalty program. For more information about out plans and pricing, visit our web site.